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About Us

Yvonne, Socotra island, Yemen We are Yvonne and Pavlos, the owners of Sea Kayaking Kefalonia.
Below you can find some information about ourselves as well as the rest of the team.

Yvonne Walser
I was born in Switzerland and I am swiss-greek. I was raised in Switzerland where I fnished my marketing studies. I came to Greece in 1994 and before starting 'Sea Kayaking Kefalonia' I worked as a german language teacher and as a tour guide in Kefalonia as well as outside Greece.

My outdoor activities qualifications include REC (Rescue Emergency Care) Level 2, Tour Leader for Explore company, Red Cross first aid, PADI Open Water Diver, motor boat license. I am also a founding member of the Greek Sea Kayak Club.

My passion is backpack travelling. I have visited countries like Peru, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, India, Nepal, China, Egypt, South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Yemen, Chile, Argentina... I like getting deep into the countries' culture and nature observing people and animals.

My hobbies include trekking, cycling, reading, etc. I speak Greek, German, English, Spanish and some Italian and French.

Pavlos, Egua river, Italian Alps Pavlos Georgilas
I was born in Greece. My studies include a bachelor in electrical engineering and a master in business administration. My working experience includes customer facing roles in big multinational companies like Nestlé, Compaq Computers, Hewlett Packard.

Pavlos, Shibam, Yemen

In the past I was a water-polo player in one of Greece's best teams. Since 1996, kayak (both sea and white water) is my passion. I am a member of the legendary TEAMadara, a group of white water kayakers with rich activity in the greek and not only, rivers.

I am sea kayak instructor certified by the BCU (British Canoe Union). My outdoor activities education and qualifications include: BCU 5 Star Sea Kayak, Level 4 Sea Kayak Coach, Professional Lifeguard, REC (Rescue Emergency Care) Level 2, numerous white water courses in Greece and the Alps, Tour Leader for Explore company, PADI Advanced Diver, sailing license, motor boat license. I've also served for 21 months in a rescue boat in the military navy, which enhanced my seamanship.

My other hobbies include sailing, apnea, astronomy (founding member of the Astronomy Club of Thessaloniki), celestial navigation, scuba diving, backpacking, cycling, etc. My travels have taken me in parts of Asia, Africa, Central and South America. I am also a founding member of the Greek Sea Kayak Club. I speak Greek, English, Italian and some French and German.

George Gazetas George A. Gazetas
I was born in Arta and raised in Athens. As a teenager my passion used to be kart racing and I had a tendency towards discovering inner aspects of racing biomechanics and motorsport engineering thus I followed studies in mechanical engineering. I lived part of my life in Khalkis (Euboea) and Corinth and travelled a lot mainly around Greece and abroad as well.

With its minimalistic nature, expedition orientations and potential, sea kayaking became soon a fascinating big part of my life.

I enjoy playing guitar and ukulele, climbing, trekking, cycling, camping in the wilderness, traveling with the motorcycle while listening to loud good music from my earphones…. Plus many more…

I ‘ve been working for years as a white water rafting trip leader and corporate event coordinator and assistant for a variety of outdoor activities and companies and for the summer of 2012 it is more of my pleasure to join Pavlos’ and Yvonne’s team in Kefalonia.

Qualifications include BCU(UKCC) coach level 1, trained Level 2, BCU 4 star leader sea, Long Term Paddler Development (I) Cert., Foundation Safety and Rescue Training Cert., BCU 3 star open canoe, Rescue 3 international swift water rescue technician (I), IRF trip leader class 3, HRC First Aid certified, HFMC - UIAA rock climber and member, Greek Army Special Forces Nurse Cert.

We are very enthusiastic about running 'Sea Kayaking Kefalonia'. We are passionate about customer satisfaction and we are expecting you to come and experience it...